Get your Christmas orders in. Paintings make a very unique and personal gift.

Peggy D's Paintings

I have painted all my life even as a child I enjoyed art of all kinds.  I have painted in all mediums but acrylic is my favorite.  All of my paintings are now done in acrylic on stretched canvas.  I paint just about anything but portraits are not my favorite. I have what is referred too as a loose painting style, not abstract or photo finished.  

Prices for my art varies depending on the size and detail required. As you can tell by the prices I have posted with the paintings shown here on my webpage.  I do not include a frame and I do not pay for shipping.  The cost of shipping depends on the size, weight and distance the package has to travel.  UPS does have a website where you can get an estimate of the cost but I will warn you that every time I have gotten an estimate, the actual cost is always higher.

When you order a painting, I will need a good photo of what is wanted. For animals, close ups work the best so that I can see the details of their facial features.  Please do not expect the painting to look like a photo when finished, if that is what you are wanting, it is best that you get a photo and not a painting, I am not abstract but paint in a realistic style, just looser than a photo.  

Enjoy browsing through my paintings, each of them are for sale or you can order your own special piece.